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You may have noticed that in our East Bay market, most homes have some level of preparation before being presented to the market. Not every home needs work before being listed. But for some homes, the benefit is clear.


Wave a Magic Wand! Home Prep Made Easy

If you are considering selling, it is important to look at a couple of factors to guide your decision for whether or not to do prep work, and what the right combination of items are. 

It all begins with the most likely buyer. By getting clear on what buyers need and want, and what they’ll be drawn to, we can help you craft a plan to meet their needs.

For example, if the most likely buyer is a young family who needs space for young children, and a yard that’s friendly and inviting, they will place a lot of value on a home that is move-in ready. 

Other homes may speak more to an older generation who values one-level-living, and for a home without stairs we make recommendations that will appeal to a generation of buyers who need a home that is easy to access and maintain.

Whether or not it’s a fresh coat of paint, some landscaping, or staging, it would make no sense to invest in market preparation if it didn’t bring a return on that investment in spades. We want our sellers to reap a three-times return on any investment, so if you spend a dollar, you’ll see at least three back in the sales price.

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