One of the first concepts we introduce to new clients is the idea of building a functional team. A supportive and strategic functional team will make this homebuying process more fun and most importantly lead to a competitive offer when you have found your dream home.
Members of the Team
  • You! (of course)
  • Your co-habitants: your partner, your in-laws, your dog…anyone who will share this space with you.
  • Your real estate agent: us!
  • Your lender: super important, read below.
  • Your community: these are the cheerleaders! The folks who share in your excitement and go to open houses with you, send you photos of local listings and will be there at your first BBQ.

Ok, We Don’t Need to Expound Upon Four of the Above-mentioned Team Members, but Here’s More About the Lender.

If you need to acquire a loan to purchase your home, your choice of the lender can make or break a deal. How so?
When a seller is considering offers, they look at the whole package. As an applicant: what are the terms of your offer beyond the offer price? Are you qualified for a loan with a reputable lender that can perform when the going gets tough? Can the seller trust that the lender has thoroughly reviewed and qualified the buyer for the purchase?
Having a lender with a good reputation and the ability to execute smooth transactions is invaluable – and makes you more competitive against other offers. If there is an issue with the escrow, a good lender will swoop in like a superhero and save the day closing on time without issues. Trust is everything. Working with a lender who has minimal experience will cause problems during escrow and shake the certainty of the seller. And you better believe that the seller’s agent will be guiding their seller towards the more certain deal…the one with a collection of players who have a reputation for closing smoothly and on time.
We can’t guide you on your co-habitants or your community, but we can help you find a great lender and pull together a functional team that works for you. Never underestimate the power of a team! We certainly thrive in partnership, and we love working in tandem with our clients and their teams as well.

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